Why Bubble Answer Sheets?

We use "bubble answer sheets" so that

  • Staff time and training expenses are minimal; and
  • The only technology needed is a pen and the form.

Save Staff Time

We help you prepare forms to meet your organization's unique needs for the collection of statistics and narratives.

We use optical mark recognition (OMR) forms. Whether you want to use an existing form or a custom-made form, we give you a clear, concise form to make data-gathering easier. A well-designed form uses staff time efficiently and enhances staff fidelity to methods.

Forms are completed during one-on-one meetings and special events. Answers that cannot be bubbled are hand-written on the form by staff or respondents.

Sometimes Low-Tech Is Better

Computers make it easy to analyze large amounts of data and detect trends, but it is not practical to bring computers into all areas, let alone access the Internet from them. You can bring a pen to many places where computers can't go, such as migrant camps and juvenile detention centers.

Once you have collected data using our bubble answer sheets, the IPTTP system integrates the story-telling with the numbers, according to the plan you designed. Our system is agile and flexible. As staff learn by doing and innovate, the data collection and reporting is refined.

Contact Us

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