The IPTTP system has been awesome. Software being used in the community and big organizations come nowhere close to what IPTTP put together. That has a lot to do with the experience and commitment of the organization's leadership. They spent a lot of time in non-profit project management and continue to be connected to those of us still in the trenches. The IPTTP system captures the work that's being done on the front lines. And it compares the information gathered in its purest sense and contrasts that with environmental data. - Rafael Monroy, CEO, Youth4rce, Inc.

I've been struggling with data collection and evaluation. IPTTP has this incredible system that is able to track any kind of information that I need as a consultant and trainer. I can input all of the data into his program and be able to articulate all kinds of results. It's so simple to use. It's like a dance, the way you can from one application to another. With this system, all of that concern just fell away. The IPTTP team has a loving heart. They trust that I will use their work, everything that they've worked for all of these years for, with integrity. - Rosiland Corbett, MA, Co-Founder - Center for Intention, Motivation and Inspiration

Our project needed a way to collect and analyze screening and brief intervention data collected at two hospital emergency rooms by health Educators (HE). The HEs used a face-to-face model, obtaining demographic data, as well as asking questions from valid reliable substance abuse screening tools and recording answers using pencil and paper. IPTTP developed a information management system using bubble-answer forms, optical mark recognition software and a data base to analyze the data. The database he designed has very powerful analytic capabilities and was easy for our HEs to use. We made several program changes that required re-engineering of the database and IPTTP was able to make adjustments under high pressure with very short timelines. The company's dedication to the project was very impressive to me and the staff. I highly recommend IPTTP. - Ray DiCiccio, MSW, Director, Community Initiatives