Victor Bloomberg, LCSW

Victor is the originator and developer of the IPTTP data analysis system Info Power Services and he is co-founder of Info Power To The People, Inc. He is a second-generation community organizer dedicated to forming an effective response to the question: Where do we go from here: chaos or community?

Victor integrates disparate ideas and experiences within a collaborative team. His communication style uses common language and graphics to translate complexity into comprehensible concepts. Consistent success in a broad range of health, mental health and social service environments reflects exceptional analytical abilities, dedication to the principle of personal responsiblity, and passion for an equitable distribution opportunity and resources:

Most gratifying is the community of friends formed in the trenches of the “good fight”. This is a network of champions of the vulnerable, advocates of the dispossessed, and builders of community resources. Each of us is committed to leading a purposeful life that calls upon the angels of our better selves to form sustainable, humane and just communities.

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