What Is Social ROI?

Social ROI (Return On Investment) is a way to demonstrate your organization's value, even if it can't be expressed in financial terms.

Many charitable organizations don't make money but benefit society in some other way. For example, wildlife conservation and drug prevention programs create value by meeting their environmental and social goals.

When investments and returns can both be expressed in dollar amounts, calculating ROI is easy. But nonprofits need to demonstrate their ability to meet social goals, and the value of your organization's efforts can be hard to quantify.

Info Power To The People helps nonprofit community organizations benefit from the same techniques private enterprises use to measure achievement.

Social ROI is a way for potential donors to judge whether an organization is worthy of their support. A social ROI case study incorporates social and environmental costs and benefits as well as economic ones.

Advantages of Social ROI

The most obvious advantage of a social ROI case study is that it helps your organization raise funds. A social ROI case study is a clear indicator of effective operations and a magnet for money.

A social ROI case study also helps you allocate money more efficiently. By identifying which approaches work and which don't, you can:

  • Enhance staff skills and satisfaction;
  • Promote innovation; and
  • Realize your mission and vision.

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