What Do We Do?

In tough economic times, nonprofits and other grassroots community organizations face pressure to become more "businesslike" and efficient.

A donation is like an investment and investors want to see that their dollars are being put to good use, but demonstrating return on investment is difficult when making profit isn't your organization's goal.

Low-Cost Solution

Info Power To The People, Inc. was founded in 2004 to meet the unique needs of grassroots organizations, primarily those organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law of California.

Our information service combines stats and stories of innovators who generate community progress and the clients whose lives improve from it. We provide surveying, evaluation and consultation services for nonprofit, cash-strapped agencies to stay on mission and produce results. We are dedicated to empowerment through achievement.

We provide an easy, affordable way for individuals and organizations to track success.

A Narrative, Not a Number

Our methods integrate statistical and narrative data to demonstrate organizational efficiency and client satisfaction and achievement. We collect data online and by optical mark recognition (OMR) "bubble answer sheets." This eliminates the need for new technology and requires minimal staff training to keep costs down. Our management consulting helps you design a meaningful survey, evaluation; it is the path to effective program planning.

Contact Us

For more information about forms or consultation, contact us using the form on the left or call (858) 252-4740.